The Day a Mushroom Appeared in my Hand
There was already some time that I had been seeking to relate to this fantastic realm. The Fungi Realm. As ancient as life on Earth itself.

Its shapes and colors currently manifested in our world enchant me, and I've seen something magical in these beings for quite some time. The magic of transformation, of living connections via mycelium, of emergence of something new and surprising out of what might seem root and unworthy to the miope eyes.

From this admiration I sought to know more, contemplate, enter in communion with these beings. A transformative journey, out of which many things emerged, from some cultivation experiences, to interactive mycelium-inspired relationship maps that seeks to connect the people and initiatives working with fungi, to instruments that try to establish communication with these beings.

But I never imagined what was going to happen. On the day 12.12.2020, a mushroom appeared in my right hand. A small being, there, as if that place was exactly where it was supposed to be. Imagine my surprise! Without knowing what to do or fell, I contemplated. Its round shape, its black brown cap, its white gills that danced in curves.

I can’t say if this being has changed me, but something seemed different after it appeared. Something about how I began to see myself in relation to my relationships - with myself, with my emotions, with others. It seemed that I had more clarity, since the day in which a mushroom appeared in my hand.