The Emergence of the Symborgs
The Day A Mushroom Appeared in my Hand
Life as a NeoGatherer
The first of the Symborg was born in the urban periphery of the largest human conglomerate of his home continent.

After traveling through the world, he realized that the tale of the global village is just... a tale. A dangerous one.

In a home-heading journey he has found himself as a member of the Atlantic Rain Forest biome community, moving to the Atlantic Forest Great Reserve.

There, his wish is to serve a medium: channeling messages across and between the human and more-than-human beings inhabiting and/or visiting such a bioregion.

BioSonic Poetry is his art. Sensors and gadgets his tools. Self-knowledge his foundation. Life, his inspiration.

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A Symborg is a portmanteau of symbioses and cyborg (a portmanteau of cybernetic and organism). More generally speaking, it can be understood as a framework for any kind of living being that consciously seeks a deeper integration/comUnion with surrounding/composing beings via (but definitely not limited to) the augmentation of its sensor/cognitive abilities through the use of technological apparatus.